Riverfields Precinct

Riverfields’ managed precinct builds success for Ekurhuleni

Riverfields is a secure and managed precinct that attracts people and companies into Ekurhuleni. From the development of our commercial, retail and residential nodes to the carefully curated outdoor spaces, each part of Riverfields is thoughtfully designed.

Our precinct works in close collaboration and coordination with the City of Ekurhuleni to align and integrate planning, infrastructure delivery, urban management and co-investment. We have created a foundational partnership that will last for generations to come, assisting Riverfields to truly be a stronghold for trade and investment in the area.

Ekurhuleni, as a municipality, includes Alberton, Benoni, Boksburg, Edenvale, Germiston, Brakpan, Nigel and Springs and the surrounding areas. The region boasts a proud cultural heritage and is equally renowned for its industrial, economic, and logistics nodes, along with the well-established residential communities. Within the centre of Ekurhuleni is OR Tambo International Airport, providing a constant ebb and flow of goods deliveries and passenger transport.

The City of Ekhurhuleni is a proud supporter of the Riverfields managed precinct. The name Ekurhuleni, means ‘place of peace,’ which is a strong indication of the collaborative spirit of the region. Riverfields is working hard to ensure that the development is recognised and endorsed as a city and provincial flagship project in line with the priorities of the Mayor and Premier.

As Riverfields grows it will be a premium example of why managed precincts work. Our current success showcases the dynamic strengths that all parties bring to the table for such a large and complex development.

Riverfields Management Association

All 1 500 hectares of Riverfields Precinct is overseen by the Riverfields Management Association. We take great pride in making sure the precinct is a safe and welcoming place to live, work and shop in.

The Riverfields masterplan has developed magnificently over the past 12 years and it is all down to developing in line with our precinct values: safety, sustainability, convenience, urban lifestyle and community. Our integrated urban planning has created a well-balanced mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

Efficient delivery of services

We have put in place strategic partnerships with local authorities and service providers to ensure the efficient delivery of essential services to the area. To date, Riverfields has invested in excess of R1.2 billion to increase, improve and upgrade municipal infrastructure along with new development areas. An additional R700 million is currently in the planning phase for further investment in engineering services such as new roads, sewer lines, water reticulation and electrical infrastructure in new land development areas.


Riverfields has worked hand-in-hand with local authorities on the development of our roads including accessible transport systems close to populated areas. Riverfields has widespread pedestrian-friendly transport routes and public services. We have the Gauteng bus route running through the precinct and we have a Gautrain stop nearby. Our team within the precinct manages the repair of potholes and basic maintenance of our roads, which adds a sense of pride in the area and confidence for all who drive on our roads.


We have implemented security measures, such as surveillance cameras, enhanced lighting, and security vehicle and foot patrols to maintain safety within the precinct’s public areas.

Each residential development has a set of security protocols that are included in the infrastructure and blueprints of our build. We also include manned gatehouses and control rooms at the entrance to our residential estates.

In our logistics and distribution parks, we employ uniform security measures including a manned entrance, CCTV, strong fencing and monitoring of the areas.

In all our public spaces, we want the community to feel safe to walk freely and enjoy their leisure time. Workers within the commercial parks can enjoy freedom of movement during their lunch breaks by visiting Harvest Place Shopping Centre or relaxing in the outdoor leisure zones at Riverfields.

We are actively engaged with the holistic community at Riverfields from business to residential. Involving the community has been an overwhelming success as more people within the precinct contribute to the maintenance and security of everyday life.


General maintenance of our public areas is taken care of by the Riverfields Management Association. We regularly assess public amenities to determine if they meet our community needs. Items such as landscaping, maintenance of parks, benches, equipment and the aesthetic appeal of our developments are all monitored on a regular basis.

Riverfields takes a vital interest in employing workers from the local community. They too contribute to the success of the precinct. From building homes within the estates to working in our green spaces and road maintenance, we have a dedicated team that is becoming skilled artisans. From these workers, we are able to deploy teams to assess and fix any issues that arise.

Sustainable practices

Sustainable practices are at the core of our development approach, ensuring that every new addition to the precinct includes features designed to enhance environmental sustainability. In Riverfields, we have integrated numerous green outdoor spaces and established a thriving wetlands ecosystem to further our commitment to sustainability. We are also incorporating back up water and back up power systems in our developments to ensure our commercial, warehouse and logistics nodes continue business as usual.

Supporting the urban lifestyle

As the urban population grows, Riverfields is poised to redefine the way we inhabit and experience our precinct. A significant portion of the South African population is living within urban areas – 67.85% according to statistics recorded by the World Bank in 2021. This statistic gives an indication of the pressure that municipalities are under to meet the needs of the population. Riverfields aims to take the challenge head on through our integrated approach to urban planning.

A successful precinct such as Riverfields can have a lasting positive impact on the local economy. The overall effect attracts businesses, tourism, and investment, which leads to job creation and increased economic activity. Added to this, the presence of commercial spaces and retail outlets, such as Harvest Place, also generates revenue for the local government through taxes and fees.

Rise of managed precincts in South Africa

In a managed precinct, various stakeholders, including government authorities, property owners, businesses, and community organisations, work together to implement strategies and policies to enhance the overall quality of life and the economic vitality of the area.

Within South Africa, managed precincts are rising to prominence through key innovations employed by developers working with local government and service providers. South Africa boasts a collection of successful managed precincts that have transformed urban landscapes and set new standards for community living:

The Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP), established in 2015, has played a crucial role in transforming Umhlanga into a thriving and well-maintained urban hub. Focusing on safety, cleanliness, and aesthetics, the UIP has significantly enhanced the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Through dedicated security patrols, efficient waste management systems, landscaping initiatives, and urban maintenance projects, the UIP has successfully reduced crime rates, improved street cleanliness, and created a more welcoming environment. Its collaborative approach, involving local stakeholders, residents, and businesses, has fostered a strong sense of community pride and ownership.

Waterfall City, a large-scale mixed-use development located between Johannesburg and Pretoria, redefines urban living with its seamless integration of residential, commercial, and retail components. Rebranded from a precinct to a city in 2022, Waterfall City is a shining example of how a new economic hub can rival established business centres such as Sandton City.

Offering a holistic and sustainable lifestyle, Waterfall City provides a diverse range of residential options, convenient access to amenities, well-designed infrastructure, efficient transportation networks, and ample green spaces. Its appeal extends to businesses as well, attracting numerous corporate offices and commercial spaces, both locally and internationally.

Other prominent examples include Melrose Arch in Johannesburg, The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, Menlyn Maine in Pretoria and Steyn City on the outskirts of Johannesburg and Century City in Cape Town. What all these developments have in common is that they serve as beacons of progress, demonstrating the potential for well-designed precincts to enhance quality of life, attract investment, and foster economic growth.

It is encouraging to see the rapid success of managed precincts in South Africa and it is evident to see why managed precincts work. This model has emerged as a promising answer to the challenges facing urban planning. As neighbourhoods evolve, one of the fundamental changes we are witnessing is a need for an all-inclusive safe environment with a range of amenities close at hand. The managed precinct encompasses a responsive association that can answer to challenges and fix issues as they arise. The entire precinct is well-thought out with pedestrian friendly streetscapes, transport and varied nodes that generate economic activity.

Riverfields looks to the future

Riverfields has flourished over the past 12 years. It has evolved into a secure, inviting, and economically prosperous haven for residents, workers, and shoppers alike. With ongoing partnerships, efficient service delivery, well-maintained infrastructure, and a strong sense of community involvement we are a strong integrated urban hub.

There are exciting developments in the works for Riverfields as we look towards the future of our managed precinct. By 2026, the Maranatha Community Church campus will have become a reality with the school open for business. Swallow Hills, a new residential estate, will be established and residents will move in, and we will have begun development on our planned Medical and Retirement Node. That is not to mention the growth of our logistics and warehousing sector within the Riverfields Masterplan.

We’re looking forward to seeing Riverfields thrive as the community grows and new development takes shape. We encourage you to contact our team if you would like to learn more about our managed precinct or if you would like to learn more about the development opportunities available.

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