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Work, live, and leisure: The trifecta to a thriving community at Riverfields

Riverfields, our mixed-use precinct in Kempton Park, epitomises the ideal blend of work, live, and leisure – a trifecta that is essential for creating a thriving, dynamic community. This integrated approach enhances the quality of life for its residents and also fosters a vibrant, sustainable environment. Let’s explore how Riverfields excels in each aspect of this trifecta.

Work: A hub of professional growth and opportunity

Integrated commercial spaces within Riverfields

Riverfields is designed to seamlessly integrate commercial spaces within the residential area. This integration fosters a unique work-life balance, significantly reducing commute times for residents. The precinct is home to various businesses, from start-ups to established enterprises, creating a robust local economy and a multitude of employment opportunities.

A business-friendly environment within Riverfields

The Gleneagle Office Node and the JT Ross Business Park are bustling centres of activity in Riverfields. With JT Ross Business Park being one of the largest logistics and distributions centres in the area, within close proximity to OR Tambo International Airport and the Ekurhuleni Aerotropolis

These areas are ripe with outstanding commercial opportunities, and our business tenants take great pride in being a part of this vibrant precinct. Emphasising sustainability, our office spaces are designed with the latest eco-friendly features and are surrounded by beautifully landscaped areas.

The latest expansion in our office zone is the construction of No. 11 Gleneagle Office Park. This new addition is being crafted with a distinct architectural style and will incorporate energy-efficient amenities, including a backup generator and a substantial 5000-litre water tank.  As we continue to grow our business parks, we are excited to welcome new faces to Riverfields. This expansion is set to enhance synergy with our nearby logistics parks, creating a more integrated and dynamic business environment.

Live: Creating a safe and comfortable home environment

Diverse residential options within Riverfields

Riverfields offers a wide array of living options, catering to different lifestyles and family sizes. From stylish apartments to spacious family homes, each residential area is designed with the residents’ comfort and convenience in mind. Safety is paramount, with advanced security systems and well-lit, well-signed streets ensuring peace of mind for all residents.


  • Rental returns consistently outperform neighbouring suburbs
  • Development opportunities across the full residential market
  • Central security control with 24-hour security
  • Integrated open space system for leisure and recreational purposes
  • Improved public transport linkages
  • Enhanced walkability and cycling
  • Good access to social facilities

Community involvement and services within Riverfields

The precinct fosters a strong sense of community through collaborative security initiatives and regular community engagement. In addition, the upcoming medical node and the proximity to educational institutions like Maranatha Christian School highlight Riverfields’ commitment to providing essential services and fostering a holistic living environment.

Leisure: A space for relaxation and community engagement

Recreational and green spaces within Riverfields

Leisure is an integral part of life at Riverfields, with well-maintained parks, leisure centres, and entertainment venues serving as hubs for relaxation and social interaction. These spaces encourage residents to engage in outdoor activities, sports, and community events, strengthening the community bond.

Throughout the precinct we capitalise on the beautiful green spaces available. Through our Riverfields’ Management Association and associated property owners’ associations, we maintain the parks and recreational areas for residents and businesses to thrive. We encourage people to walk safely and freely, walking their dogs through our parks or taking the kids for a picnic.

From clubhouse facilities within our residential estates to community parks and the wetlands in the precinct, we want our community to enjoy the outdoors.

Retail and dining experience

Harvest Place will be your own personal community hub, right in your backyard. As part of the vibrant Riverfields Precinct, this modern shopping mall within Riverfields is easily accessible from any location within the area, making it the perfect place to shop and dash or stay a while and enjoy a coffee or lunchOver 17,000 square meters, with a carefully curated collection of approximately 70 retailers.

Sustainability and future development

Riverfields’ commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly practices, including energy-efficient buildings and public transportation systems. As the precinct continues to evolve, it is set to introduce more innovative solutions to urban living challenges, cementing its position as a model for future developments.

We are pleased to share that Equites Park Riverfields Sandvik has received a Preliminary Edge Advanced Certificate from Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). The development is expected to yield 71% energy savings and 41% water savings. Installed solar panels already cover 55% of the total energy use.

Riverfields stands as a shining example of how the integration of work, live, and leisure can create a thriving community. Its comprehensive approach to urban development, focusing on the trifecta of professional opportunities, comfortable living, and recreational amenities, positions Riverfields as not just a place to live or work, but a dynamic community where life in all its facets is celebrated. As Riverfields continues to grow and evolve, it promises to enhance and redefine the concept of community living in South Africa.

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