Gauteng’s most promising investment

A fusion of prime location, seamless connectivity, and diverse opportunities, Riverfields is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Gauteng’s most promising investments.

Gauteng, South Africa’s economic hub, is no stranger to dynamic and forward-thinking property development. Riverfields, the latest jewel, strategically lies within Ekurhuleni’s commercial corridor, which is delineated by the R21, R24, and N12 highways. This potent triumvirate of connectivity, coupled with a broad spectrum of development opportunities, has crowned Riverfields as the Economic Triangle.

Unparalleled Location in Ekurhuleni

Riverfields’ meteoric rise can largely be attributed to its strategic location. Its immediate accessibility to three major highways translates into hassle-free commutes, fostering a more conducive environment for business operations and lifestyle convenience.

The precinct is a master-planned urban lifestyle experience that merges commercial enterprises, residential spaces, and logistics industries in a vibrant, secure ecosystem.

Diversity in Investment

Unlike other precincts, Riverfields offers diversity in investments, from commercial to residential properties. Business parks, medical centres, leisure spots, retail boutiques, residential sanctuaries, and industrial powerhouses coexist, providing investors with a wide array of opportunities to diversify their portfolios. This amalgamation of sectors within a single precinct, each as integral as the other, makes Riverfields a mirror of Gauteng’s economic landscape.

A Thriving Commercial Hub

For businesses, Riverfields offers an unrivalled platform for growth and expansion. Whether you’re an SME looking for a strategic location or a multinational seeking new investment opportunities, Riverfields offers ample space for commercial expansion. The precinct is home to a variety of top-tier businesses, from tech start-ups to established corporations, contributing to the vibrant commercial environment. Additionally, Riverfields’ location within the economic triangle ensures optimum access to supply chains and various markets.

Residential Appeal

Riverfields’ residential appeal is undeniable. Its serene environment, coupled with modern amenities, make it an ideal place for families seeking a balance between urban convenience and a relaxed lifestyle. Riverfields offers a range of housing options to cater to various needs and budgets.

Future Prospects

The economic triangle’s future prospects are incredibly promising. Riverfields is primed to become a significant contributor to Ekurhuleni’s economic growth. As more businesses and individuals become aware of the opportunities available, Riverfields’ value is set to appreciate significantly, making it a lucrative investment for short and long-term investors.

Riverfields seamlessly blends inclusivity and return on investment (ROI). The precinct, with its strategic location, diverse investment options, thriving commercial hub, residential appeal, and promising future prospects, is an investor’s dream. Whether you’re an individual seeking a home in Gauteng’s vibrant heart or a business owner looking to capitalise on Ekurhuleni’s economic growth, Riverfields offers a unique opportunity to experience high ROI.

Riverfields’ potential is undeniable. As an investor, you’re not just investing in a property; you’re investing in a precinct that offers a fusion of commercial, residential, and lifestyle opportunities, in one unbeatable location. The time is now to seize the opportunities that Riverfields presents and experience the financial upside of this promising precinct.

Invest in the Evolving Development at Riverfields

Safety and Security within Riverfields

Safety and security is at the top of the list for both residents and business owners. By integrating Riverfields with smart city technology, we have created a safer environment for families and businesses alike. This is a pillar of the precinct and one which will remain an evolving development initiative.

Sustainable Riverfields Precinct

To date, Riverfields has invested in excess of R1.2 billion to increase, improve and upgrade municipal infrastructure along with new development areas. An additional R700 million is currently in the planning phase for further investment in engineering services such as new roads, sewer lines, water reticulation and electrical infrastructure in new land development areas.

The transport network of road, rail and air is incredible to see and attracts commuters and business transportation daily to the precinct. In the process, Riverfields has contributed and will continue to establish more than 160 000 employment opportunities, both in the construction and operational phases of development.

Convenience Reigns at Riverfields

Conveniently located between central Pretoria and Johannesburg, and in close proximity to O.R. Tambo International Airport, Riverfields has established itself as the next economic and lifestyle hub in South Africa. In essence, all roads lead to Riverfields, situated strategically within Ekurhuleni Aerotropolis.

Riverfields’ lifestyle

Riverfields is developed with widespread pedestrian-friendly transport routes and public services. In this regard, it becomes a 15-minute precinct – somewhere where residents can truly live locally, with everything they need just a short walk or bike ride away.

This includes residential offerings, retail and restaurant options, entertainment and recreational parks, as an all-in-one stop that stands out from anything Gauteng has seen before. Public transport facilities in Riverfields have been well planned and strategically developed to cater for the needs of commuters.

Community and Connection at Riverfields

A sought-after area has emerged in Riverfields, one where community is at its core. In support of this, residential estates have been developed with community parks and clubhouse facilities.

The precinct will soon be anchored by more residential developments and well-planned facilities. These include the new Lifestyle Centre set to be within the Harvest Place retail node, a planned mega-church campus which includes various community facilities, a proposed new school complex with sports fields as well as a community and activity park. A planned medical precinct is set to provide complete healthcare in the future, which will complement the new offering of a proposed retirement neighbourhood.

Riverfields is where we are seeing the growth of South African companies in business, logistics and distribution centres. There are a wide range of opportunities within the precinct, and companies are seeing the value in this prime location which has key, central transport routes. With consumers’ shift towards online shopping and logistic real estates such as warehouses, last-mile distribution facilities and fulfilment centres are rising to be one of the top performing property sectors with numerous companies increasing their focus on supply chain optimisation.

With its proximity as a logistics and distribution hub, Riverfields has been recognised and picked by various international brands and market leaders as their ideal business and commercial destination.

Equally significant has been the opening of the Harvest Place shopping mall, home to convenience stores and restaurant experiences for the community.

We expect to see more companies expanding within the precinct and more opportunities for future development. Riverfields continues to grow as a residential address of choice with various housing projects underway.

Invest in Riverfields today – a precinct where inclusivity meets return on investment, where potential becomes reality, and where you can be a part of Gauteng’s economic triangle.

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