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The Rise of Riverfields: A Hub for Commercial Semigration

In the heart of Ekurhuleni, Riverfields is a fast-growing destination for commercial semigration. Riverfields has been conceptualised within a broad, future-based vision for mixed-use developments. This destination works within a sound urban development framework designed to make the area a hub for sustainable growth. The precinct is planned and engineered for tomorrow, preserving the natural wetland areas and integrating pedestrian and public transport to give substance to the term ‘sustainable living’.

This modern, mixed-use development is redefining urban living and transforming the way businesses operate. It creates a perfect balance of strategic location, conducive work environment, high-speed broadband, modern amenities, and a strong community. Riverfields is setting a new standard in the world of commercial real estate.

The precinct includes the following components:

Business and office

The Office Park provides a safe and secure environment for discerning buyers and tenants looking for A-grade office space with good access to and from R21 and R24 freeways as well as O.R Tambo International airport.

Logistics and warehousing

The completed logistics and business node will cover approximately 500 hectares of business parks, with a landscaped environment, 24-hour monitored security, green

building concepts and cutting-edge construction technology. Consolidated or sub- dividable sites range from 2 500m² to 30 000m² available.

Let’s talk strategic location and the semigration trend

There are a series of the critical factors influencing commercial semigration into the Riverfields. We take a look at how these five distinct features sets Riverfields a part from other commercial hubs.

1. Strategic location

Close proximity to OR Tambo International Airport and major economic hubs like Johannesburg and Pretoria, makes Riverfields an ideal spot for businesses looking for alternatives to congested city centres. Commercial semigration to Riverfields allows businesses to enjoy the tranquillity of a less crowded location while maintaining strong economic ties with bustling commercial centres.

2. Designed for businesses

A highly compelling aspect of Riverfields is its conducive work environment. The design of Riverfields focuses on providing an environment that encourages productivity and creativity while also promoting wellbeing. This balance is a crucial ingredient for businesses seeking a sustainable and effective work model.

3. Green building

Businesses and professionals relocating to Riverfields can look forward to enjoying a blend of urban living and green spaces that enhances their work-life balance. With Riverfields’ encourages sustainable development practices, such as green buildings, water conservation, and waste management systems, businesses can align with their corporate social responsibility goals and contribute to environmental preservation.

4. Tech-driven

With everything moving swiftly into the digital age, connectivity is as vital as physical infrastructure. Recognising this need, Riverfields provides high-speed broadband, creating an infrastructure that supports businesses in the tech-driven global economy. This digital connectivity enables businesses to stay competitive, fosters innovation, and ensures seamless communication.

5. Security

Working as a managed precinct, Riverfields changes the game for commercial entities as it strives to offer a safe haven for companies to operate. Your workers can come in and out knowing they are within a safe environment, while employers can rest assured their people and products are not in any danger.

Thinking beyond a commercial destination

Riverfields also boasts a host of modern amenities that cater to the needs of professionals, businesses and their employees. The precinct will soon be anchored by more residential developments, well planned facilities such as the developing Harvest Place retail node, a mega-church campus which includes various community facilities, a new private school complex with sports fields as well as a community and activity park. A medical precinct is planned to provide complete healthcare, which will complement the new offering of a retirement neighbourhood.

Would all of this hustle and bustle really work without nature? We think not and hence we have a strong commitment to conservation. Our master plan for the development includes measures to preserve the natural beauty of the area, including its wetlands. This commitment ensures that the development does not disrupt these crucial ecosystems, but rather helps protect and enhance them. It goes beyond simply avoiding damage to wetlands. Riverfields also includes proactive measures to rehabilitate these ecosystems where necessary water quality and everyday living is improved and enhanced.

We are a future-ready destination, and we know that the success of commercial semigration is not just about the physical relocation of businesses. It also involves integrating into this new community and with our emphasis on community building, recreational activities, cultural events, and community initiatives, there is ample opportunity for businesses to network, collaborate and build strong relationships within this thriving precinct. Such a dynamic environment facilitates the exchange of ideas, fosters creativity and innovation, and contributes to the growth of businesses.

As we move into the future, the trend of commercial semigration is likely to accelerate with companies in business, logistics and distribution centres in particular realising the benefits and opportunities within the precinct and the value this prime location has to meet all of their needs.

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