The Glen Eagle Office Park: The office space to be in Ekhuruleni and Beyond

As the world adapts to a new normal, businesses in South Africa are navigating the path back to the office with a keen eye on innovation, flexibility, and convenience. Amidst this landscape of change, the Riverfields Lifestyle Precinct emerges as a beacon of opportunity, offering an array of office spaces designed to meet the evolving […]

Latest Addition to Riverfields’ Logistical and Warehousing Hub

Introducing Noka Park Riverfields has become synonymous with major multinational corporations in the logistics and distribution sector, including heavyweights such as TakeALot, DHL, DSV, John Deere, TFG, and Checkers. Now, joining the strategically located Riverfields Industrial Precinct is Noka Park by renowned developers, Feenstra Group. Boasting a prime location within the Riverfields precinct, Noka Park […]

The essential building blocks of Riverfields Precinct

a multicolored building made of wooden blocks

In the heart of Gauteng, Riverfields Precinct is redefining the essence of a thriving community, illustrating a masterclass in urban development that harmoniously blends residential, commercial, and communal spaces. This precinct is not just a place to live and work; it’s a vibrant ecosystem, meticulously designed to foster connectivity, sustainability, and wellbeing. Here we explore […]

Riverfields pushes for commercial excellence

gray concrete building under construction

In the heart of Ekhurhuleni the Riverfields Precinct is emerging as a rapidly growing and innovative precinct. The recent completion of the first phase of The Foschini Group’s (TFG) new omni-enabled distribution centre marks a significant milestone in this journey. This development not only highlights Riverfields’ strategic importance to TFG, but also sets the stage […]

Riverfields’ remarkable transformation: a decade of growth

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Riverfields’ remarkable transformation: a decade of growth Since 2005, Riverfields has undergone significant urban development, transforming over 375 hectares of land into a vibrant built-up area of approximately 2,161,553 square meters. In this time, we have created over 70,000 long-term, sustainable jobs, proudly contributing to the growth of the area. Additionally, the residential component of […]

Work, live, and leisure: The trifecta to a thriving community at Riverfields

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Riverfields, our mixed-use precinct in Kempton Park, epitomises the ideal blend of work, live, and leisure – a trifecta that is essential for creating a thriving, dynamic community. This integrated approach enhances the quality of life for its residents and also fosters a vibrant, sustainable environment. Let’s explore how Riverfields excels in each aspect of […]

The core role of educational institutions in Riverfields

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In the heart of the Riverfields Precinct, a transformative vision is unfolding — one where educational institutions are becoming the cornerstone of community development and family life. This commitment to education is about nurturing minds, fostering community connections, and laying a solid foundation for future generations. At Riverfields, the blueprint for a thriving community incorporates […]

Expatriates returning to South Africa – opting for Gauteng first

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In the evolving landscape of global mobility, South Africa has seen a significant trend: expatriates returning home, with a marked preference for Gauteng over other provinces. This shift is influenced by various factors, including economic considerations, lifestyle choices, and the allure of first-world conveniences offered by developments such as Riverfields Precinct. This comprehensive analysis explores […]

Live at Swallow Hills Lifestyle Estate

The Riverfields Precinct, renowned for its innovative developments and thriving community, shines the spotlight on Swallow Hills Lifestyle Estate. This development represents a pinnacle of urban living, combining luxury, convenience, and sustainability. Swallow Hills emerges as a beacon of modern living in one of Africa’s fastest-growing economic nodes. A haven for investors and homeowners Swallow […]

Exciting times ahead for Riverfields Community Sports Centre

The Riverfields Precinct in Kempton Park is poised for a significant transformation with the unveiling of the masterplans for a Community Sports Centre subject to economic viability and business approval. This future development, a collaboration between Riverfields Developments, Maranatha Church, and 4 Ideas Architects, is set to redefine community engagement and offer an unparalleled blend […]