Riverfields’ remarkable transformation: a decade of growth

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Riverfields’ remarkable transformation: a decade of growth Since 2005, Riverfields has undergone significant urban development, transforming over 375 hectares of land into a vibrant built-up area of approximately 2,161,553 square meters. In this time, we have created over 70,000 long-term, sustainable jobs, proudly contributing to the growth of the area. Additionally, the residential component of […]

Work, live, and leisure: The trifecta to a thriving community at Riverfields

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Riverfields, our mixed-use precinct in Kempton Park, epitomises the ideal blend of work, live, and leisure – a trifecta that is essential for creating a thriving, dynamic community. This integrated approach enhances the quality of life for its residents and also fosters a vibrant, sustainable environment. Let’s explore how Riverfields excels in each aspect of […]

A hub of convenience, community and sustainability

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Riverfields is a dynamic mixed-use precinct in Kempton Park and rapidly shaping up to be one of South Africa’s most innovative and sustainable developments. With a significant investment of over R1.2 billion in infrastructure and an additional R700 million planned, Riverfields is not just creating spaces but redefining urban living standards. This comprehensive guide takes […]

Riverfields’ managed precinct builds success for Ekurhuleni

Riverfields is a secure and managed precinct that attracts people and companies into Ekurhuleni. From the development of our commercial, retail and residential nodes to the carefully curated outdoor spaces, each part of Riverfields is thoughtfully designed. Our precinct works in close collaboration and coordination with the City of Ekurhuleni to align and integrate planning, […]

Schools within a 15-minute radius of Riverfields

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When it comes to choosing a residential area for your family, one of the most critical factors to consider is the availability of quality educational institutions nearby. Riverfields, as an emerging hub of life and activity, recognises the importance of this and is strategically located to offer residents easy access to some of the most […]

The revolution of Riverfields

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In the ever-evolving landscape of urban development, South Africa stands at the cusp of a transformative era with the rise of managed precincts. These precincts are becoming the cornerstone of modern urban living, providing a well-orchestrated blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Gideon van der Vyfer, the visionary behind the Riverfields Precinct in Kempton […]

Living Riverfields: Thriving community hub

There’s an emerging area coming up in Johannesburg and it’s called Riverfields. No longer a dream, our vision for a mixed-use, sustainable precinct has come to life. Within our vast tract of land is a range of different nodes that are bursting with opportunity. It is a living, breathing precinct where families go about their […]

Development progressing well for Maranatha Community Church

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Founded in 1907, with the first building complete in 1915, Maranatha Community Church has been a cornerstone of the Kempton Park community for over a century. Now poised for an exciting new chapter, the church has begun construction of a large church campus within Riverfields. The build began earlier in 2023 and Riverfields is excited […]

Enhancing Public Spaces in Riverfields

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At Riverfields, public spaces have always played a vital role in the fabric of cities, acting as gathering spots, places of respite, and centres of community engagement. In recent years, the concept of public spaces has evolved beyond the traditional parks and squares or plazas and gardens. From innovative plazas to immersive gardens, new urban […]

Riverfields: Proud sponsor of charity golf day

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In partnership with Lovestruck Philanthropy, Riverfields is thrilled to announce the Rolling Together 2023 Golf Day, taking place at the prestigious Serengeti Golf Estate on Thursday, 2 November. Rolling Together charity golf day This exclusive event aims to create a positive impact in the community by supporting children with disabilities and providing educational upliftment in […]